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101 Indian Scouts

 Revered Wall of Death Motorcycle

Skid Skinner's 'Bomb Shells' 1939 - Indian 'Scout' 101
Skid Skinner’s ‘Bomb Shells’ 1939 – Indian ‘Scout’ 101



The Indian Scout 101 motorcycle (1928-1932) was revered by Wall of Death riders as the ideal machine for trick riding. This American made motorcycle was a beautiful blend of weight and design and was also loved by the police. The Indian Scout had been around since 1920, but Continue reading 101 Indian Scouts


The most EXTREME Roller Coaster Ride – EVER

Media Image 013 - A Legend of Terror - Cyclone Coaster by Harry G. Traver, Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada 1927-1946 (RP)

On a scale of 1 – 10 (where 10 is EXTREME FEAR), this ride was awarded a 10 – the most frightening roller coaster ever built. The Cyclone Coaster (1927 – 1946) at Crystal Beach Park, Ontario, Canada was the purveyor of this EXTREME FEAR. Designed by Harry G. Traver (The Master of Terror), this gravity ride featured (unusually) a steel superstructure to support the Continue reading A LEGEND of TERROR


     Equal to a Band of 50 Musicians


Marenghi 89-Key Organ 1901
Marenghi 89-Key Organ 1901

This instrument, built by Marenghi in Paris was an 89 key organ equal to a band of fifty musicians including – Solo Violins and Bartitones; Small Flutes; Large Flutes; Flageolets; Clarinets, accompanying Violins; Altos; Violoncellos; Trombones; Basses; Xylophone; Cymbals; Big Drum and Kettle Drum. This organ measured 15 feet long by 11 feet high.

In 1901 the organ was presented to the public by Alderman P. Collins on his double wagon front Bioscope Show (cinematograph) – formerly Wall’s Ghost Show.

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Animals of the Lost Ark

Mysterious Disappearance


Lost Mounts - FOUND
Lost Mounts – FOUND

A host of images featuring animals from an early Noah’s Ark attraction have mysteriously surfaced after nearly twenty years. Following years in storage aboard the Ark trailer, all the animal mounts were off-loaded in the early nineties and individually photographed in a makeshift studio. Five rolls of film (ninety-nine negatives) were shot over a period of six hours. This was the last time these mounts were ever seen together in showland. Within days the negatives and prints had both disappeared into thin air. A movie may now be produced to celebrate their return into showland hands.

And so it came to pass –

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BUILDING UP a 1914 Helter Skelter

COMPLETE Build-Up of this Vintage Slip (includes link to movie)

Drakeley's 1914 Slip
Drakeley’s 1914 Slip

Charles Drakeleys’ Helter Skelter (Lighthouse Slip) was built in 1914 by Messrs. Griffiths & Morgan of Shepherds Bush, London. The attraction is 15m high, with a ground footprint of 9.5m in diameter. This is the last wooden example still travelling. The ride was re-decorated in 1995 by Susan Banner.
The 100 images which make up this movie slideshow were captured on Continue reading BUILDING UP a 1914 Helter Skelter

Collecting Postcards


Vintage postcard collecting has become more popular in recent years. Collecting vintage postcards is an affordable hobby that almost everyone can enjoy. Postcards can be collected on almost any theme including postcards from a certain state or region, postcards with holiday themes, postcards with animals, etc. While some postcards can be quite expensive, most still sell in the few dollar range and at times can be purchased much more inexpensively. Continue reading Collecting Postcards

Wooden Roller Coaster (Copyright Early Amusement Images)

Amusement Art


Derelict Roller Coaster by Mary Eileen Hibberd
‘Derelict Roller Coaster at Sunset’

There was a well known Lady stage scenery artist in East Devon. In 1994 her son-in-law persuaded her to enter an original image as an entry in a competition under the heading, ”Derelict Structures”.

This image of the abandoned skeletal structure of a  roller coaster at sunset was awarded a Blue Ribbon in the competition.

 Amusement Park Art

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