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Early Amusement Images Picture Library

The Picture Library will be temporarily closed during the period February 13, 2015 and March 9, 2015 whilst the entire Library is moved to a new high tech facility.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but pledge to offer an even swifter media service following this relocation.  Thank you for your forbearance.

1950’s COACHES – 400 Images – 25 Makes – A Unique Collection

NEW VIDEO for 2015

‘By popular request’ ~ This previously unseen unique collection features coaches (and single-deckers) from great names such as AEC; Albion; Atkinson; Austin; Bedford; Commer; Dennis; Dodge; Foden; Fordson; Guy; Jensen; Karrier; Leyland;  Morris; Maudslay; Daimler; Bristol; Crossley; Sedden; Sentinel; Thornycroft; Vulcan; Tilling Stevens and B.M.M.O.

The Video is best viewed as a ‘full screen’ presentation.

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World’s Fair 1909

Advertisement Published in the World’s Fair on June 12, 1909

World's Fair Advertisement 1909
World’s Fair Advertisement June 12, 1909 

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Marconiphone Music Amplification

Charles Thurston’s Marconiphone Coach in the 1930’s

Marconi Tilling Stevens Coach (Mitcham 1932)
Marconi Tilling Stevens Coach (Mitcham 1932)


”OLD BUSES and COACHES on the Fairground – 1930’s to 1970’s” 

Well known British Showman Charles Thurston arranged and presented his own programmes of orchestral selections, organ solos, marches and songs on the fairground during the early 1930’s.  These concerts were broadcast from his Marconi Radio and Amplifying Tilling Stevens coach to patrons on the fairground. The Sunday concerts often lasted up to an hour-and-a-half, and played to thousands of people.  This all British amplification unit was supplied

with current from the petrol-electric engine.  A very powerful ”searchlight” speaker broadcast the music which gave a ”most pleasant and un-distorted output”. The range of the speaker was reported to be over four miles.

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Japanese Quotations about Leisure

Direct Quotations from a Japanese Dossier about Leisure, Amusements and Roller Coasters

The world has now been surrounded with severe circumstances such as declining of the economy and increase of imballanced trades.  Under these situations, the re-structure of enterprises is more enviable.

In the trend of humanism from materialism, we are often criticized as economic animals.  But the time is changing our life aspect into leisure oriented life.  Now leisure is a necessary aspect of our life today.

In such demand of leisure oriented life, it is believed to extend amusement facilities further into various ways, in order to create and develop new but happier and more human leisure concepts for the age of humanism.  Based on these mottos, in addition to this, our time demands in the trend of Industrial culture.

Roller  coasters are the greatest thrills and Continue reading Japanese Quotations about Leisure

”Thrilling Modern Craze”

Bishton’s ”Ski Ride” – Adult Amusement Riding Machine

Is there anyone still alive after riding this brute?  The definition of BRUTE speaks for ”Stupid”, ”Cruel”, ”Beast-like”, and ”Unreasoning Force”.  This adult amusement riding machine was rumoured to be all of these things!  An accident waiting to happen!  Even the decorations to the ride depicts everybody falling over!

Are you a survivor after riding this machine?  Do you know of any survivors?  We want to hear about riders experiences on this unusual riding machine – PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.

Bishton's 'Ski Ride' at Nottingham
Bishton’s ‘Ski Ride’ at Nottingham

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Showland Family Paintings

Bensons – The Surrey Showland Family who have Travelled Amusements for over 100 Years

The ”Lost” Family Paintings

It is always such a pleasure to be in a position to display paintings from showland.  These paintings from the Benson family capture the firms’ transport and the colours of the fairground.  Hats off to our showfolk and best wishes for a good 2013 season.

Benson's Living Wagon
Benson’s Living Wagon 
Benson's Scammell Tractors
Benson’s Scammell Tractors
Benson's Scammell Pioneer and Foden Tractors
Benson’s Scammell Pioneer and Foden Tractor







Benson's Speedway Ark
Benson’s Speedway Ark


Benson's Tackle
Benson’s Tackle

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