‘Old Bill’ Still Rides to the Fair

Bruce Bairnsfather (1888 to 1959)

Old Bill Still Rides to the Fair

Bruce Bairnsfather was officially appointed British Officer Cartoonist.  To many he became the ‘Man who won the 1914/18 War’.  He created the best known cartoon character of the First World War – ‘Old Bill’, and became world famous for his cartoon captioned, ‘Well if you knows of a better ‘ole, go to it’.  His work can be found on plates, ashtrays and memorabilia.  A southern showland family have owned a bronze mascot of ‘Old Bill’ since it became available on the 9th. May 1919.  This mascot has adorned many a radiator cap on their transport over the years, and is pictured here on the firms’ Scammell Highwayman tractor.  Any yes – ‘Old Bill’ STILL rides to the fairgrounds.

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