Japanese Quotations about Leisure

Direct Quotations from a Japanese Dossier about Leisure, Amusements and Roller Coasters

The world has now been surrounded with severe circumstances such as declining of the economy and increase of imballanced trades.  Under these situations, the re-structure of enterprises is more enviable.

In the trend of humanism from materialism, we are often criticized as economic animals.  But the time is changing our life aspect into leisure oriented life.  Now leisure is a necessary aspect of our life today.

In such demand of leisure oriented life, it is believed to extend amusement facilities further into various ways, in order to create and develop new but happier and more human leisure concepts for the age of humanism.  Based on these mottos, in addition to this, our time demands in the trend of Industrial culture.

Roller  coasters are the greatest thrills and dramas ever staged in the amusement park theaters.  People who freely challenges the unknown thrill, it is these people who reminiscences the precious challenge day by day, dancing to the tune of their daily life.  The coasters in the amusement parks are the most popular rides and an endless pursuit of thrill and excitement.

Coasters are not manufactured only for the sake of thrill.  Coasters are preciously manufactured rides for those courages challengers of thrill who talks loud and for those who bursts out laughing watching the facial expression of the passenger sitting next to him.  Coasters are manufactured as if producing a drama to always satisfy as a rule the three essential sense of beauty, feeling and auditory.  All coasters originate from family coasters to coasters beyond the rim of imagination.

Coasters are free and safe, with safeguard devices supports and holds you comfortably tight giving you a snug feeling of security and protection.  Safety devices both soft and hard are installed in coasters programmed to function automatically in order to cope with any emergency.  Their engineering is highly worthy of praise.

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