Showland Verse by Eleanor Green

”Our Sole Intent is all for Your Delight



As my mother and grandmother did,
I watch the crowds from my caravan, go
streaming to the fair. Clad in their bright
dresses, I see that all the girls have curly hair, or
hair that waves. The men are smart and clean,
erect and proud, with money jingling in their
suits, while children hold their candy floss like
fairy food, or gay balloons sail in the air above
them like magic words, following their holders,
bobbing as they bob, or sailing smoothly with
older hands to guide them.
I see young people laughing on the Caterpillar,
or holding tightly to the Noah’s Ark, or swirling
with the Waltzer, while I remember their
parents and their grandparents soaring to giddy
heights on the Yachts, or riding on the Scenic –
that golden, glittering Scenic with Waterfall of
many hues – real water.
And then I think of those sad, tragic years
when men were on the scrap heap. That bad
depression, when precious coppers were for
food – to fill the aching belly. When miners
squatted on the curb and watched the mad
gyrations of roundabouts beckoning them to
momentary happiness. And yet, with wonder, I
saw their children come to spend their pence,
while grim faced, lean ribbed fathers laughed
just watching them.
by Eleanor Green (during the late 50’s whilst travelling to familiar grounds in Glasgow, Hartlepoole, Keighley etc.)
The Green Family are famous showfolk who have travelled amusements since the nineteenth Century.
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