FOR SALE                             (01/01/15)

Two glass framed early hand coloured engravings depicting a Russian Pleasure Fair in St. Petersberg 1804.

These hand coloured images show :-

1). Hand-Cranked Roundabout.  2). Hand-Cranked ‘Up ‘n’ Downs’.

Frames Measure 38 cms. x 34 cms. (approx.).

Pictures (oval images) Measure 16 cms. x 12 cms. (approx.).

Condition  – Very Good.

Both Framed Pictures Offered For Sale as One Lot.

Sale Price :- £88.00 (eighty-eight pounds only).

Hand Cranked Roundabout - St. Peterberg, Russia c.1812
Hand Cranked Roundabout – St. Peterberg, Russia c.1812

media-image-002-amusementsat-st-petersburg-russia-1812-hand-painted-original (Water-Marked) PS

Hand-Cranked 'Up 'n' Downs', St. Petersberg, Russia c. 1812
Hand-Cranked ‘Up ‘n’ Downs’, St. Petersberg,  c. 1812

media-image-001-hand-cranked-amusement-wheels-st-petersburg-russia-1812-hand-painted-original (Water-Marked) PS

Condition of Sale :-

Purchaser to collect Lot from address adjacent to Junction 6 of the M25 London Orbital Motorway.

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